Naruto Urban Dance You’ve NEVER Seen Before!

Naruto is loved by both children and adults around the world. And now it is more than just a manga which it was in the first place… Today, people perceive Naruto as anime series, films, cosplays and even the culture. But there’s something new appeared – a dance!

We watched O-DOG crew’s performance at Arena Dance Competition 2018 and it gave us such goosebumps that we cannot help sharing this dance with you. Expect to see the Kyuubi, Naruto, and Rock Lee as well as a few other surprises that we won’t spoil here.

If you want to immerse into Naruto world as deep as O-DOG guys and stage at least a part of this dance with your friends, we can be of some help 😉

You’ll need costumes!

First, headbands – a necessary part of a ninja costume.

Headbands $9.99 each

If you want to be a central crew member – a Naruto – you’ll need an orange costume and a wig!

Naruto Costume $54.67

Naruto Wig $20.49

Don’t forget about ninja sandals!Ninja Sandals $61.42

If you feel like being a bad guy, choose an exiled version of headband and wear an Akatsuki cloak.

Akatsuki Cosplay Cloak $39.99

Aaaaand for a spectacular finale – the 4th Hokage’s cloak!

4th Hokage’s Cloak $38.74

Actually, that’s it – grab your anime clothes and start rehearsing this dance right away!🕺🕺🕺

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