15 Times Fanartists Turned Game of Thrones Into a Kickass Anime

With its larger-than-life characters, high-octane action, and fantastical setting, there really isn’t all that much separating Game of Thrones from a standard anime. In the void left from Season 7, people keep trying to figure out how the world of Westeros will survive as a spinoff series and some fanartists make a pretty strong case that the best way to keep the story going might be as a kickass anime. Let’s see!

1. “A Girl Has No Name”

2. A Lannister Family Portrait 

3. Moe-Style Daenerys and Her Children

4. Sansa and Littlefinger

5. Jon and Arya Reunited, Manga Style

6. Team Dragonstone

7. Arya and the Hound

8. Ned and Catelyn

9. “Collecting My Favorite Grandfathers”

10. Young Robb Stark and Jon Snow

11. “It’s n-n-not like I WANT you to bend the knee, baka!”

12. Futurepunk  Daenerys

13. Shireen Baratheon and Lyanna Mormont

14. Team Arya

15. King Tommen and Queen Margaery

Which fanart do you like the most? Leave your answer in the comments!

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