10 Mind-Blowing Nagato Uzumaki Facts You Don’t Know!

Nagato Uzumaki was a shinobi of Amegakure. He was orphaned at a early age. Nagato was implanted with Madara’s Rinnegan, when he was just a child. He was trained by Jiraiya along with Konan and Yahiko. He was also the co-founder of the Akatsuki. Nagato was a very powerful shinobi. He was one of the best users of the Rinnegan. Nagato’s Uzumaki part helped him to handle both the Rinnegan easily. He could also use all the five basic nature releases. Nagato’s life force was extraordinary as it allowed him use resurrect all the Konoha villagers who had died due to his attacks. He also took part in the fourth great ninja war as a reanimated shinobi and almost killed Bee and Naruto.

We have made a list of ten amazing facts about Nagato Uzumaki.

The name ‘Nagato’ means ‘long lasting gate’. He may be named after the famous ninja Fujibayashi Nagato who,

in the 16th century, was considered to be one of three greatest Iga Jonin.

The other two were Hattori Hanzo (Hanzo’s supposed namesake) and Momochi Sandayu “Zabuza Momochi’s supposed name sake”.

In line with his parents, Nagato is also named after a World War II Japanese battleship.

Studio Pierrot’s Settei sheets of Nagato Uzumaki show that he was 149cm around the time he killed the Iwa chunin to protect Yahiko, and 163cm when Jiraiya left the Amegakure.

During the Kazekage Rescue Mission, Nagato Uzumaki’s Rinnegan were depicted with wrong colors due to the Rinnegan not having been illustrated with color’s in the manga yet.

In keeping with Nagato ‘God’ theme, Nagato theme song is ‘Girei’ a haunting theme that consists of holy chanting.

Nagato hobby was practicing the ninjutsu.

Nagato desired opponent was anyone in order to protect his friends.

Nagato favorite food was grilled fish and stew.

Nagato Uzumaki’s favorite phrase was ‘The stars are hidden on a rainy night’ (Yuya no hoshi). As a child, it was ‘Growing up’.

As Pain, he wished to fight Naruto (or more specifically the Nine Tailed Fox).

Kabuto also regarded Nagato (with limited mobility) as his 2nd strongest reincarnated shinobi.

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